Delving into India’s rich past

The TOI in a report titled A fresh new narrative’ refers to the new wave of books that are drawing inspiration from India’s mythology to concoct a fresh new take. 2 authors – Amish Tripathi & Ashwin Sanghi – are profiled in the report.

“The Indian audience has one simple need — to be entertained while also being educated. Nobody has the patience to go through heavy history textbooks to learn about their own history, heritage and culture. Instead, narrate your tales with an apt plot, develop your characters and present it to the readers and you give them what they want, information and entertainment,”  says Ashwin Sanghi, the author of the book, Chanakya’s Chant.

“We are no longer dissident about our own heritage,” explains Amish, further adding that as a society regains its maturity, it seeks to look inward and into its own past. “There was a time when it was fashionable to write about the British Raj or about the NRI’s longing for home. Maybe they lacked conviction, but that went with the flow of what the publishers wanted; and such literature did well too. That’s not the case now.

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