The K factor

An apt phrase that comes to mind is  ‘Kabhi Khushi…..Khushiyon, Khushi’. The reason for this euphoria has everything to do with new locations & libraries coming up either in cities or in places starting with the alphabet ‘K’.

Take Kochi, for instance.

Kolkata, after that.

Add Kondapur & Karkhana (Hyderabad) next.

Factor in Kothrud (Pune).

Kandivili in Mumbai!

In Bangalore, Kanakapura, as a satellite branch.

Of course, there’s the K letter in Visakhapatnam.

We are tempted to rephrase Chennai as Kennai, Coimbatore as Koimbatore & Gurgaon as Kurgaon now!  But you get the idea.

Explosive growth kocktail, right?