Approbation, we love you – Part Deux

Seeking member feedback for our column ‘Reader’s Voice’ in our monthly newsletter ‘Connect’, this one from Pooja Rao, JustBooks Vidyaranyapura member just blew us away.

Just Books is a first of its kind community library chain to have come up in Vidyaranyapura. When I first heard of Just Books opening in our community, I was quite pleased. Being an avid reader and a student I was very aware of the hassles one faces to acquire good books to read. Being a student and on a limited budget, I used to frequent second handed book stores as they were my only source of reading material. The problem with that being limited choices of books, cramped spaces where books are stacked and the unnecessary expenditure. Having a library in my area was not a luxury I had till Just Books came along.

I have been a member of quite a few libraries growing up, and I thought I knew what to expect from this library as I contemplated joining Just Books. But on my first visit I was blown away!  I was pleasantly greeted by the front office and in no time I signed up for a membership. There are various plans to choose from depending on your reading habits. Just Books has a well-stocked library having a vast array of books in all categories namely Fiction, Cooking, Self-help, Biographies, Spirituality, Travel, History, books for Young Readers and magazines. The best part is the hassle free issuing and returning of books which you can do in seconds!

I love this library because I am spoilt for choices here. They have the entire collection of the P.G Wodehouse books , which are hard to come by otherwise. I get to read books that I would have not been able to otherwise due to lack of availability in book stores. One time I wanted to read a book by the author Marian Keyes and I couldn’t find it in my branch. I requested the book which was present in another branch and in a matter of a few days I got an email from Just Books informing me that the book was available! All I had to do was collect it .

Just Books has a great collection of books for young readers. There are shelves full of books from Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, the Nancy Drew series, the Hardy boys series and many more which bring back sweet memories. Also present are books in languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam etc. All the books are arranged methodically by genre and very easy to find using the row numbers allocated to them. Talk about convenience! And to top it all off, the prices are extremely affordable.

To me, a library is not a luxury but a necessity of life. I remember when I was a kid my father would drive me to the library and it was such a big deal for me to go in and get my own book. I would look forward to picking out a book, reading it and as soon as it was done to go to the library and pick out another one! Years later, that’s exactly how I feel here at Just Books. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Of course, we will, Pooja! Thank you for giving us a shot in the arm!


One thought on “Approbation, we love you – Part Deux

  1. hey pooja!
    just stumbled across your post!! i love the way you describe your relationship with books! could relate to it very much! i love just books too. they are doing an awesome job! i love the way you write!
    yours, expecting more words,


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