A(r)ching for India

India as a country has always been known to captivate tourists, looking for an experience unlike any other.

Well, it appears that one of the most widely read writers in English fiction – Jeffrey Archer – has been smitten too. So much that

Master storyteller Jeffrey Archer, who has been visiting India for the past few years to promote his books, is now gearing up to launch his new book first in the country ahead of a global launch.

The novel titled ‘The Sins of my Father’ is a sequel to his ‘Only Time Will Tell’ that was brought out last year and the second in his five-book Clifton Chronicles series.

“I’m delighted my new book is coming out in India first, ahead of the rest of the world, because that’s how I feel about India – FIRST! Can’t wait to come and see you all again. Best wishes, Jeffrey”, the British novelist said in a statement.

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