On the joys of reading & libraries

Today’s Deccan Herald carries 2 articles of relevance to many of us in our roles as parents and book lovers.

First, Sudha Subramanian, in her article titled Introduce your child to the reading habit  gives you more tips on nurturing a book lover at home.

The golden rule to help an avid reader is to enrol him/her in a good, well-stocked library. A library is a great source of books. Children also learn to take care of them and return the books on time.

We can’t help but adding here that one cannot get a better ‘good, well stocked library’ than JustBooks. With around 38 branches in Bangalore alone, its proof of the pudding, if it ever were needed!

Vatsala Vedantam in her article ‘Time for some social service‘ suggests that kids spend their time in some useful social activity and provides insights in this regard.

Her reference to libraries in the US strikes a chord in us with these lines:

Last week I was in a public library in Tuscon. I love libraries in the US. They are friendly places where you can read, browse or simply sit still and watch your surroundings. While indulging in the last named pastime, I noticed  a high school student reading to a seven-year-old boy. She held a big story book with coloured pictures accompanying each tale. Her young audience listened in rapt attention.  They were in a dedicated corner of the library marked “Reading to children.” In another corner marked “Helping with Homework” a high school undergraduate was assisting a middle school student with his home assignments.

Well, we do wish we had the luxury of real estate space like the libraries in the US – state and / or city funded – to provide the kind of amenities they do. Having said that, however, from a lending ‘brick & mortar’ library point of view and sheer value of money, you cannot get a better service than JustBooks.

If you are not a member yet, why don’t you enrol and check it out for yourself? Not only are we strong in Bangalore with 38 branches but we are now present in 8 cities ( Chennai being our 9th, which will open later this month ) and growing!!!

Watch out for us as we cover India shortly! Jai Ho!


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  1. Both of them are quite valuable and insightful articles. While we have put them up on our notice board at JustBooks Vidyaranyapura, after reading them then and there, quite a few members have commented positively on these artices.


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