Raising Awareness on wildlife. Or Birdlife, for that matter

JustBooks Vidyaranyapura branch, in association with ‘The Panchratnas’ held a presentation called “Birds of Narsipura Lake” at the library recently.

Vidyaranyapura in Bangalore is blessed with two lakes and Narsipur Lake/Old boat club is one of them.  As part of the restoration exercise, the lake is being cleaned-up.  What was once covered with green vegetation (much of it weeds albeit) has now been dug up and what remains of this huge 5.9 hectare area is mud. In the process, however, it is doubtful whether they have considered it as a habitat for the birds which used to retreat there.

The Pancharatnas are a group of 5 young kids (age group 7-11 years) along with their mentor Ms. Jayalakshmi Chatterjee from BEL 2nd Block who have just started to take an interest in the avian life around them.  Understandably they are concerned about the fate of their feathered friends.  In order to spread awareness about the avian life around them and build a strong team of child crusaders in support of these birds, they made a presentation called “Birds of Narsipura Lake” at JustBooks, Vidyaranyapura.

Dr. Subbu Subramanya, the well-known ornithologist of the city was present to answer questions posed by the children who attended this session.  The exchange was very participative with the children asking several questions which Dr. Subramanya handled with his usual aplomb.  He laid particular stress on planting the right kind of trees in order to attract birds and insects. After the event, Dr. Subramanya commented, “I must say that I was very glad that I participated in the small meeting at JustBooks Vidyaranyapura, where the “Pancharatnas” made a wonderful presentation on ‘Birds of Narsipura Lake’. I was overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm shown by the children in trying to create awareness about their surroundings amongst other children, parents and the members of JustBooks. I was also pleased at the wonderful ambiance at JustBooks, which I found to be such a departure from other circulating libraries – in trying to be a hub of knowledge and learning by initiating such interactive meetings and providing its space for participatory learning. I sincerely hope that JustBooks would organize many more such interaction meetings with writers and other subject matter specialists to broaden the knowledge of children and people around, spread the joy of reading  and turn its facility into a centre of learning for the community at Vidyaranyapura”.

The presentation ended with all the children vowing to join the crusade for their feathered friends in one of the few remaining bastions of greenery in the city.

More pictures of the event at this URL.