JustBooks Vidyaranyapura – Dignity Foundation Summer Workshop 2012

JustBooks, Vidyaranyapura, one of our branches in Bangalore North, has a significant number of children as its members. Going beyond its rich collection of books, during summer holidays in association with Vidyaranyapura Diginity Foundation Coffee Chavadi (VDFCC), JustBooks Vidyaranyapura organized a week-long workshop for children covering arts, quiz, games, knowledge series etc.

Stating the objective behind the summer workshop, Vittal Hegde of JustBooks Vidyaranyapura remarked “As part of our community-connect initiative, we thought of taking help from elderly population for their knowledge, wisdom and experience, as role models and mentors for children. As Diginity Foundation, has several resourceful and socially concerned senior citizens as its members, we contacted them for help. When the idea was proposed, Dignitarians at VDFCC readily agreed to support the initiative and came up with an excellent programme for the age group of 8 to 14 years”.

Mr. SR, Nagaraja, the coordinator at VDFCC mentioned, “The main reason for our acceptance was that here we got an opportunity to tell something what we learnt and experienced all these years from the society and the country and it is the right time to share our thoughts with the young minds who are going to be the future of India”.

The workshop was inaugurated by Lt. Gen (Retd)  Sampath Kumar, AVSM,PVSM, VSM with excellent information on greatness of our country and advice to participating children on ‘how to conduct themselves at home and society’. The simple but informative talk on ‘How to keep healthy and fit’ presented in a manner suitable to children by Prof. Ramanna, the power point presentations on “Greatness of our country and Scientific Video Shows’  by Mr. SR Nagaraj as ex-Sr. Scientist ISRO, the ‘Quiz Programme’ by Mr. DM Rao, ex-Sr. Scientist ISRO, ‘How to draw cartoons’ by Mr. Panduranga Rao, an internationally reputed cartoonist who holds several Guinness world records, ‘Fun Games’ taught and played with lots of fun by Mr. KSR Murthy, ex-Officer, BEL and finally the ‘Brain Storm’ session by Mr. Jayaprakash, ex-AGM, BEL were thoughtfully planned and presented to children in a friendly manner. In fact, all these presenters were Dignitarians and the residents of Vidyaranyapura.

After the workshop, Dignity Foundation’s coordinator Mr. SR Nagaraj wrote “In all it was a wonderful and unique experiment and experience for us to interact with a section of children where we had a glimpse of their brilliant, inquisitive, mercurial and  great thinking capacity. Thanks to JustBooks team for coming with the idea and for coordinating with us efficiently which in turn helped us to deliver a wonderful summer experience to children of Vidyaranyapura. All that we can say is knowledge enabling organisations like JustBooks should try to plan more such workshops/camps in future for the larger community of children to  infuse and inculcate knowledge and patriotism in them so that they can become valuable citizens resulting in greater contribution to our society and country. The beautiful venue of NICE /Dignity Foundation provided an additional advantage in terms of space and infrastructure, thanks to Dr Ramanna, Director NICE. Long Live Dignity Foundation and Long Live JustBooks.” With over 35 active participants, the workshop was a great success based on feedback received from both from children and their parents as stated below:

 1.       “All of you are friendly, loving and made us stay happy” – Siddhaanth, 5th Std.

2.      “This summer camp was very different – gained good knowledge, had lot of fun” – Vasupradha, 7th Std.

3.      “This was one of the best knowledge sessions that I had in a summer camp” – Abhishek, 4th Std.

4.      “Very different, comfortable, informative. Difficult things were explained very easily” – Ritika Agarwal, 7th Std.

5.      “We are lucky that our children are getting rich knowledge, values and skills from accomplished individuals who are so humble and friendly.” – a parent

6.      “We are grateful to Dignity Foundation and JustBooks for taking-up such a noble initiative and also for conducting such a valuable programme in a way which is so different from typical summer camps” – a parent

Some photos of the event:

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  1. Congratulations Vittal ! Vidyaranyapura branch of Just Books seems to be racing ahead to bag the top slot for “the most child friendly library of Bengaluru”!


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