Next is what

When that question is posed to us, our instinctive response is to say ” More branches in more cities, for sure.”  This is triggered by the fact that franchise inquiries are coming in thick & fast from across India for opening our libraries which only strengthens our belief that JustBooks is perceived as a viable opportunity combining one’s love for books/reading & furthering the same into a manageable business proposition. Proof?  Of the 60 JustBooks stores today in various formats, be it large, satellite, pocket or the corporate variety, 55 of them are owned and operated by our franchisees!

Recently, we have scaled up the value proposition to our franchisees by introducing 2 options that enable reaching out to a wider book loving audience in their communities; one which will result in increased memberships & revenue.

1. Door Delivery:  Franchisees can now offer door delivery fee options to Basic and Regular Reader members. Avid Reader members could in any case avail of delivery as part of the package.

2.  Web Channel: For those book lovers who are ultra busy and have neither time nor energy to visit our libraries but would still love to read and borrow, they can now sign up as such on our website, choose a library of their choice which will then service the member concerned on a door delivery basis.

As a library chain which believes in servicing the needs of  local communities in cities across India, the 2 value adds above combined with ‘visit as you like’ and ‘borrow as much as you want’ (within the limits of membership plans, of course) option will translate to viable, sustainable businesses with our franchisee partners.