Slum? Whatdya mean Slum?

One little two little three little Indians,
four little five little six little Indians,
seven little eight little nine little Indian
One million little Indian entrepreneurs.
These are the stories of the little people who make up the Big Idea of Dharavi.
A slum of energy, enterprise and hope.
Where every hand is busy, every head held high.
Where people could be miserable but choose to be happy.
A choice each of us can make.”

Excerpt from Poor Little Rich Slum

It was on the morning of July 14, last Saturday that the reading of Poor Little Rich Slum (by Deepak Gandhi and Rashmi Bansal) was held at Just Books at Aundh in Pune.  As revealed by the authors, they have made an attempt at illustrating the positive side of Dharavi in the book, one of Mumbai’s largest slums and there is more than one reason to so. It is a depiction of a place where people have dared to dream and worked towards making it come true. The residents of Dharavi have been portrayed as courageous and tenacious who have changed things in the face of adversity.

To begin with, Deepak Gandhi began the discussion by describing the meaning of a slum. He referred to the largest slums in Nigeria, Mexico City, and Karachi. Then he moved to describing Dharavi which today is bustling with business and commerce and where slum dwellers from other places go to work. He also pointed out that Dharavi is no longer Mumbai’s largest slum. The book is a compilation of real life stories, anecdotes, and photographs by Dee Gandhi. The book cover is an illustration of the blue roofs from an air view angle. It also reflects blue as a color of hope.

During the Questions & Answers session, a member of the audience asked Rashmi Bansal what her tips would be for aspiring writers. Her reply was that one must continue to write and for oneself at the start. It is her fourth book. Deepak Gandhi is a motivational speaker and currently works as a management consultant, speaker and teacher. The photographs in the book were taken by Dee Gandhi.

Text extracted from here which covered the event. Photos of the event below: