Next is what in Publishing?

The second edition of Publishing Next, the conference on the “future of publishing”, will be held on the 14th and 15th of September, 2012 at the State Central Library, Goa (India). This year the conference will witness a strong list of speakers and will have a packed schedule consisting of panel discussions, workshops and insight talks.

During the conference, there will be panel discussions on how to get children and young adults to read, the state of Indian language and academic publishing and the steps that can be taken to encourage new authors and publishers as also to preserve oral traditions through publishing alternatives. In parallel, there will also be workshops on how to self-publish, how to measure the ROI on digital investments, how to work with online retailers and how to develop books for the mobile platforms. Perhaps for the first time in any conference of this type, there will be workshops introducing new printing techniques. Insight talks by Ashish Goel (formerly ACK), R Sriram (ex-Crossword), R Sundar Rajan (JustBooks), Ganesh Devy (Bhasha Research Centre) and Badri Seshadri (New Horizon Media) will also be held. These will primarily be experience-sharing sessions given the varied experience of the speakers.

In all 48 speakers have been invited. There will be 8 panel discussions, 6 workshops and 5 insight talks. Some of the publishing houses that will be represented by speakers on various panels include Sage India, Springer India, Pearson Education, Duckbill Publishing, Chhatim Books, Hachette India, Penguin India, Madurai Press, Jyotsna Prakashan, New Horizon Media, Pratham Books and many others. A wide variety of languages, genres and geographies have been represented by the people attending the conference. Like it did last year, the conference provides a good opportunity for authors and publishers to acquaint themselves with trends in the publishing industry as also to meet publishers from across India and understand how publisher and bookseller expectations have changed. Similarly, the workshops will introduce the basics of digital publishing, self-publishing and new printing techniques to the audience.

Those who should attend include publishers, authors, editors, self-publishing authors, illustrators, digital content creators and disseminators, booksellers and distributors, book marketers, content curators, academia and bloggers.

“Publishing Next …was a great opportunity to meet and network with writers, publishers and entrepreneurs” – Padmini Mazumder, Editor, Books & More ( a magazine from JustBooks )

“For Reading Hour, participating in Publishing Next 2011, gave us an opportunity to meet and interact with participants from the publishing world” – Vaishali and Arun Khandekar, Reading Hour

“The eclectic list of presenters and attendees and the varied events made for a great couple of days” – Peter Griffin, Journalist and Editor

“Publishing Next was also a very useful networking opportunity for me, which I was also able to translate into a set of good contacts for my other colleagues who work with me on various projects” – Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, Director of the Mercator Institute for Media, Languages and Culture