Special offer on our inhouse magazine, Books & More

Books & More is a one-of-a-kind magazine for book lovers published by JustBooks. Its mission is to encourage reading as a habit.
In every issue, Books & More carries book reviews, author profiles, best-seller lists, editors’ picks, puzzles, a Young Adult section, and reports on the latest trends in Indian regional literature. The magazine also covers happenings and trends in the book and publishing industry by bringing you feature articles, interviews, and opinions related to the literary world. You may view some of the articles covered in the previous issue, here –  http://www.booksandmoremagazine.in/.  Here are the magazine covers:
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Strata Retail runs JustBooks, a new generation community library chain that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of reader. JustBooks aspires to be the country’s first networked pan-Indian community library chain. Books & More is for all book lovers and also for people interested in learning more about books and publishing.
Some interesting sections within the magazine are:
1) Interview with a famous personality – who talks about what s/he likes to read or likes about reading.
2) Interview with publishing industry folks — editors, publishers, distributors.
3) Neighbourhood Literary scenes — where we find that one local literary element in a town –  library, book club, or a book store which has helped the readers in its neighbourhood.
4) Tech Talk —  How is technology changing reading, books and writers.
5) Write Track — A series for the budding writers.
We have Pradeep Sebastian writing Bibliophile column for us.
Payal Dhar doing Young Adult feature articles.
Vijay Nair reviewing fiction books.
L Suresh’s humour take on all things literary!
With the anniversary issue coming up, we would now like to extend subscription of the magazine to all JustBooks members & Strata  friends at a discounted price of Rs.180/- per year, which includes 6 issues. The regular subscription price for the same is Rs. 250/-. You can subscribe online at the discounted price here: http://justbooksclc.com/bnm_subscribers/new_for_strata . Do not forget to inform this offer to your friends and family. 

To subscribe offline, please get in touch with Rakesh at rakesh.babu@strata.co.in

Happy Reading.!!!