Stock er, Snap Taking @ JustBooks, Kalidasa Road, Mysore

A photography workshop was conducted by JustBooks, Kalidasa Road Branch.

Vittal, a young member of our library and a photography whiz of sorts showed off his talent, developed since he was 11years old. He interacted with the audience on various aspects of photography and motivated the participants to make photography as a hobby. The photos taken by him have also been  published in Mysore’s newspaper, The Star of Mysore .

JustBooks Kalidasa Road Manager, Poornima V Kumar had drawn up the following outline for the workshop:

• Activity of sharing the moments of best photo of each individual.
• Importance of photography which is most integral part in everyones life.
• Talk by vital on skills of good photographer
• Techniques of art of photography
• Inhouse demonstration of capturing a moment
• Photographs taken by vital was shown to audience with explanation of art and science and techniques involved in taking photos
• Brainstorming session of photography / Art of Camera Use

• Field visit , to give the participants hands on experience on taking photographs

• Wrap up session of rapid fire.

The participants were awestruck with the activity based & interactive workshop which was lively and kept everyone attentive. It had the enthusiastic participants  grasping every aspect outlined above in addition to what they learnt through the field visit &  photoshoots during the workshop.

RapidFire – the quizzing part of the workshop – ensured a joyous and active participation from all attendees in particular.  Interest levels and enthusiasm were at the all time high during this session.

By the end of the workshop, it was acknowledged by all that Vittal has a glorious future ahead of him in photography.

Here are some photographs of the event and testimonials to the popularity of the workshop:

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7 thoughts on “Stock er, Snap Taking @ JustBooks, Kalidasa Road, Mysore

  1. hey!! Just books always motivates its customers by conducting lot of informative workshops and activities, and has huge collection of books required.. go on!! 🙂


  2. Big thanks to Just books for giving me a great opportunity to showcase my hobby along with networking with such an enthusiastic group of budding photographers.Thank you Poornima Madam and the entire J.B staff!! Looking forward to many more events in the near future…
    Best Regards,


  3. I am member of just books. I have seen Mrs. Poornima conducting innovative workshop. wishing her all the best to do more.


  4. It was excellent & awesome workshop.All the children got an opportunity to know the importance of photography,All participated with enthusiasm in field trip & enjoyed a lot……:)


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