Revolution 2020 is no literary classic but is a good “timepass” read…






Review by rajani

Revolution 2020 is a tale about two guys and a girl, narrated from the point of view of one of the guys, Gopal. Gopal struggles against a frustrating education system and gives in to corruption to rise up in life while Raghav, despite having it all, chucks it up for the sake of “revolution”. Both men are attracted to the girl, Aarti, who is their childhood friend. How they deal with their choices – personal and professional – is the gist of the book. From whatever I have heard, seen and read about Chetan Bhagat, despite all the criticism he’s garnered, he comes across as a good man with his heart in its right place. I have read one more of his book, “Three Mistakes of My Life” and can see some parallels with this book. The story is very simple and could be happening in any small town in India; the language is very down-to-earth – simple everyday lingo. I can see why hordes of young men and women from all over India are reading CB! The way the story is narrated is similar to a friend telling you about it; you are hooked. Having said that, the quality of writing is sadly not up to the mark. There are some typos (though fewer than in “Three Mistakes…”) and in general the language is pedestrian. In short, Revolution 2020 is no literary classic but is a good “timepass” read.