It made my jaw drop in awe !!


“Sometimes a legend that endures for centuries… endures for a reason…” Wow. Wow. Wow. After a bunch of okey-dokey books, I finally discovered The Book that resonated powerfully with my taste buds.

Yep, Brown overuses the ‘cliff-hanger’ stratagem more too often (where he refuses to reveal a plot-twist by suddenly moving on to the next chapter, teasing us with suspense revealing the twist way later) and that’s the only complaint I have. A lot of people hate Brown’s books for that. Also, for the techno explanation and over-analysis he does. I drew this conclusion solely through reviews for books and by reading this book (my first flirtation with Robert Langdon) so I’m not the judge of that. But, whatever… I Loved It. I Devoured It. I Consumed It. I think this techno stuff is one of the book’s most welcoming aspect.

I loved the intricate romanticism of modern technology that the characters exploit. More than just making the whole stuff quite fascinating, I was amazed at how far we have come, scientifically. It is crystal clear to me how this can bore people but, damn, Brown weaves this into the pattern so wonderfully, it made my jaw drop in awe. It isn’t plain and simple exposition but rather Brown makes us see the importance of such a gadget: it’s role in the plot. The same goes with the did-you-know jargon, one that never appeared to be a boring history lecture. Never. But, above all, it’s the story itself that fascinated me the most. More than being a plot fertile with twists at every corner, the experience was near-cathartic, almost bordering spirituality. I believe in a higher power hence the ideas and beliefs put forth by the book were incredibly moving. From fear of sounding too preachy, all I’ll put forth is that man’s existence is futile without knowing his purpose; and that lies in hunting for the ultimate power, our God who lies within us all.

Life without aim, without meaning, without spirituality bears the fruits of loneliness, selfishness and devilish intents. The ascension (pyramid) to enlightenment(the peak of the pyramid, the capstone), our apotheosis is the ultimate goal. Whether you want to take this message as metaphorically or literally is totally up to you. The narrative, never simply focusing on the heroes, with a steady constant force keeps changing the POVs, admiring even the backstory of our vicious villain. This kind of narrative astounds me as it I want books to constantly keep me on the edge whilst at the same time keeping me close to the feelings of the characters. This book is of course not without flaws, but in the grander scheme of things, they did little to trouble me. Awesome!!!

By Mithil Bhoras
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