BookTalk with RamG Vallat about his books and his obsession with ‘Oops’

Moving ahead with our BookTalk Diaries, we have RamG Vallat, the author of ‘ ‘Oops the Mighty Gurgle’ and ‘ From Ouch to Oops’, both a humorous written books, with one being a science fiction and other being autobiographical respectively. ‘ I am the most positive individual I have ever met!’ says RamG. He’s zestful with an infectious spirit for life and would surely bring a smile on you. Lets jump right to the interview. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did interviewing him,


  1. How did you become a writer? Did you stumble upon it or you always planned on doing it?

I loved writing as a kid, but gave it up during my corporate stint, thanks to lack of time. When I fell ill with a crippling autoimmune disorder, I started blogging humorous posts so that I could feel more positive. I started writing my first book – ‘Oops the Mighty Gurgle’ when I was undergoing a very intense treatment in Chicago. I think the Chemo and the Rabbit and Hamster extracts the hospital pumped into me helped me write a really wacky story.

  1. What’s with the obsession on the word ‘Oops’? You have used it in both your book titles.:)

Oops sounds wacky and funny and slightly wicked 🙂 So that became the name of the super hero in my first book – an alien time travelling evolved pumpkin from the future on whom the fortune of humanity rested. Writing this book happened when I was recovering after my treatment and I was constantly on a mental high while I wrote it. Which is why my next book (released last month) is called ‘From Ouch to Oops’. It is the story of my transformation from being down in the dumps to my recovery and my positive spirit. From the ‘Ouchest’ moment in my life to feeling great about ‘Oops’.

  1. How did you manage to keep your spirit high, as you went through various up and downs in your life?Was it a hard thing to do?

I continuously focused on all the positive aspects of my life – my fantastic family, my wacky funny brain, my relatives and friends etc. I also totally blanked out any thoughts about ‘what could have been’ and focused on the present, trying to maximise the present. I ruthlessly cut out all negativity from my mind and injected a lot of humour into everything I did. When the going gets tough, the tough get humorous. 🙂 Spending time with my wife and children really helped.

  1. What is your message to the readers community?

Life is awesome. The only purpose in life is to be happy and pass on happiness to others- to spread positivity. Don’t sweat the small stuff or keep resentment, hurt or anger bottled up inside. The only person who can make you happy is yourself. Life is not fair and  you have no control over circumstances, but you have absolute control over how you react to circumstances. So be cheerful and spread cheer.

Just in a word or a line!

  1. Books mean: my life
  2. A book that lifts your spirit: ‘From Ouch to Oops’ of course 🙂
  3. Your message to JustBooks: Just keep doing this awesome work of making books available.

We thank RamG for taking out time for the blog interview and obliging to be part of the BookTalk Diaries. We wish you all the success and many more books.

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