Anita Nair In Conversation with JustBooks

The writer of bestsellers- The Better Man and Ladies’ Coupe, Anita Nair is read and loved by bibliophiles within and beyond Indian boundaries! She is considered as one of the most representative voices of Indian writing in English – so much so that her books have been translated in over twenty-five different languages across the world. When it comes to writing, Anita Nair grapples with various forms – she is a poet and a children’s book author who also dabbles with mythology and has also written a collection of literary essays, published as Goodnight and God Bless. The way in which Nair gives form to a rich imagination through simple words and a fluid style, mostly lingers in rural and sub-urban spaces of India, giving her writing an enticing quality!

While speaking to this celebrated writer, we got a little peek into her sources of inspiration as well as her choice of books for myriad moods. Her message to readers is highly romantic in the way she urges book-lovers to do away with predispositions and instead, embrace a little whimsicality while selecting books for reading!

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