JustBooks Summer App

Hello, you beautiful Mumbai people,                   

First of all, thank you for your constant support through memberships, in helping us spread the love for books and reading in the city! Now, we have some good news for you…


JustBooks has created a special ‘JustBooks Summer’ app for the bibliophiles in Mumbai to facilitate some active summer reading. Through this app we will offer you a special summer season membership of three months for just 1000 rupees. Downloading this app will give you access to some of the best books which JustBooks has hand-picked for this summer season. You can order two books at a time on this app and because we want you to read more and more through the summer, we are offering unlimited exchanges!

Wait, the benefits don’t end here!
Once you have picked what you want to read, you need not go out in the scorching summer heat to any of our branches (although you are always welcome to come visit us)! We will get your chosen picks delivered to you at your doorstep! We will be accepting cash on delivery or if you wish you can also make an online payment through the invoice link that is available on the app!

What’s best is that the books you can order through this app belong to over twenty different categories. So now here’s your chance to add variety to your reading this summer by exploring different genres and authors!  Summers are one of the best time to get your kids into reading since their schools are closed and there is so much free time! All you college students, who keep postponing your reading because of assignments and papers; you should finally utilize this summer break to catch up on all the books that you have missed out on!

So lose no time and download the ‘JustBooks Summer’ app from Google Play Store. You can also get the download link from justbookssummer.com.
There is a treasure trove of books waiting for you, to be unlocked by this app in just a few clicks! Make this most of this app, readers! Let this summer be all about reading and don’t forget to share with us all that you read over the season.

With Love,
The JustBooks Team.