Radhika Vaz in conversation with JustBooks

Radhika Vaz, the famous stand-up comedian of acts such as Unladylike and Older Angrier Hairier is as raunchy as she is radical as a comic. She takes great pleasure in deflating societal taboos which haunt women and is a free spirit who chooses to make people laugh by simply reversing expectations and spelling out things which women are not usually allowed to speak about. She is considered a progressive female comedian by many due to the alternate, more real picture which she cuts of the modern urban woman!

At the Times Lit Fest, Bangalore, we got this straightforward funny-bone tickler, speaking about books and writing! She speaks to us about the book that inspires her as well as her induction into writing and what her debut book is going to be about!

The quirkiness which characterizes her stand up acts is wonderfully inherent in our conversation with her as well! Watch, laugh, enjoy!

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