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We opened our doors to Mysore book enthusiasts in 2011 and we are already celebrating our 4th anniversary! This happy occasion was celebrated with some old and new members, tracing the journey that we have taken with the bibliophiles and denizens of Mysore over the last four years. We had members talking about their experiences with JustBooks and the impact which our activities has had over the people of the city.

Come let us have a look at all that JustBooks Mysore is a part of…

As we turn four, our family of members has grown and now we have a wonderful community of over a thousand books lovers, who rent and read from us! One cannot talk about JustBooks’ presence in Mysore without mentioning Ms. Poornima V. Kumar – the lady who has been infusing an enthusiasm for reading among members and an interest in our library among non-members by organizing various activities and programs, to bring the people of the city together under JustBooks’ roof!


Under the leadership of Poornima, we organize regular Authors Meet sessions in which we give our members and other book-lovers of the city a chance to interact with authors who take the readers through their journey of writing their books. JustBooks Mysore does not wish to limit itself to being just a library figure meant to furnish book enthusiasts with a ready supply of reads; we look to create a sense of community among book-lovers. Hence we celebrate authors’ birthdays when their best works are put on display and also have regular book-reading sessions and author clubs where readers in love with the same authors can bond with each other over similar reading interests and books they love collectively!

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We want our members to expand their reading arena and so we take the liberty to recommend books which we think will appeal to their reading sensibilities. In an attempt to foster a holistic reading culture, the JustBooks Mysore staff is always willing to have a talk with the members about books they must read and the genres they can explore. To foster the joy of reading among members, JustBooks Mysore has devised Book Stubs which are cards containing the cover of a certain book with a scratch code to a preview of its e-book version, to encourage readers to never stop exploring!

JustBooks Mysore is the first branch of JustBooks to start the dial-a book facility, especially for those members of ours who are senior citizens. All they have to do is dial us and let us know what they want to read and we reach their doorstep with their chosen picks. Since we believe that reading has no age, we have a Toddlers’ Club where budding readers are inducted into their journey of reading. We also offer the JustBooks Young Avid Reader and Achiever awards to school students to encourage the young readers of Mysore to embrace books. Then there are events like Pizza Nights to attract teenagers to the world of books.

JustBooks Mysore is a hub of activities, which Poornima plans out meticulously. We have had women empowerment programs and interactive sessions on self-defense. JustBooks Mysore cares for the differently abled and so we organize Life Skill Program for Autistics which involves speech training, behavior controlling and so on and Remedial Program for Dyslexic which involves teaching them things like how to spell. We also have regular Science camps where young minds can have fun with Science through simple experiments and trivia. All of these events organized by JustBooks Mysore are walk-ins, so they are not just limited to members and anyone can attend them, so that our JustBooks family can spread out!


JustBooks Mysore provides a place where one can fall in love with books and explore the joy of reading! We love to foster a sense of community among the book-lovers of the city through our recreational as well as educational activities. Ours is a family that reads, learns and shares moments of fun together!

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3 thoughts on “JustBooks Mysore: books, learning and much more!

  1. Thanks for giving the citizens of Mysuru a quality centre to nourish their reading habits. I request that the management to now consider expanding just books service to other districts too. I strongly suggest you to consider Hubli and Dharwad for this purpose as Dharwad is the education hub of Karnataka after Mysuru.

    Thank you.


  2. JB mysore has been making leaps and strides in popularising the reading hobby. Its a breath of fresh air in these e-times when books have become have-been. For book lovers like me, Poornima and her plans are like a blessing. Not just reading, poornima plans many activities for the young readers. Kudos to poornima and JB


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