Aroon Raman on The Treasure of Kafur and more

Aroon Raman’s life took a different trajectory when he sold his family business enterprise, Raman Boards to ABB in 2007 to pursue his creative calling of embarking on the journey of writing. Inspired by favorite authors such as William Dalrymple, Conan Doyle and Rider Haggard, Raman gave India two best-selling novels – The Shadow Throne and The Treasure of Kafur. His The Shadow Throne is a nail-biting thriller dealing with the aversion of a planned sub-continental nuclear holocaust; set within the shadowy circumference of Pakistan’s ISI and India’s RAW. After this action packed adventure hit shelves Aroon Raman started attracting comparisons with Robert Ludlum.


Upon the release of his second book, The Treasure of Kafur, JustBooks arranged for a BookTalk with the best-selling author of this historical fiction. The Treasure of Kafur captures the Mughal empire at a time when its fate hangs in balance as Kafur’s tremendous treasure lies in the hands of the enemy and the illustrious Akbar must join hands with a young Dattatreya to restore order. In our enriching tete-a-tete with Aroon Raman, the author speaks to us about how he carefully filtered facts and fused it with fiction to create the story for this adventure saga of the Mughal era and the reasons behind his fascination to this period in Indian History. He tells us about how he sculpted the main protagonist of Dattatreya through veneers of non-violence as well as violence and created characters such as Rana Pratap from the force of his imagination. Hearing Raman talk about the emotional as well as the creative investment which he put into the process of writing this novel is sure to make you feel involved with the writer in this creative offering of his!

In this BookTalk we also have Raman talking about his transition from listening to oral renditions of folk tales and mythologies while growing up to taking up the pen to create his own stories. We have him sharing with us the plans for his future writing endeavors and the yet to be published sequel to The Shadow Throne. Through this BookTalk he has also reached out to his readers urging them to write to him and take up writing.

Thank you Aroon Raman for a wonderful conversation and your kind words on JustBooks!