Summer Time, Reading Time

Summers come with the promise of mangoes, icicles, cool drinks and extra play-time for kids. This summer, how about you add something educational to the summer of your little ones, without losing out on all the summer fun? Yes, I am talking about story books – loads and loads of them!


Growing up, summers for me meant extra reading time and my parents were always proactive in furnishing me with a fresh bundle of books to be enjoyed! My summer time reading helped me develop as a child and now on introspection, I have to say that summers breaks are the best time to initiate your kids further into the wonderful world of books.
Read on to know why…

Abundance of time: Homework, projects and exams are the order of the day for school kids these days. Yes, there is indeed time to read books but in the summer breaks time is all you’ve got! Without impending homework and assessments, kids are in the best state of mind, to just indulge in the joy of reading. During school days I would always have to ration my reading time but when the summer breaks would start I could read for hours on end as there was no compulsion to set the book down. This chance to read to one’s heart desire is the gift of summer breaks and is absolutely essential to develop your child’s flair for reading! Their minds are more relaxed and hence their imagination is free to soar. It is just the perfect time to fall in love with books! Give them some Roald Dahl and make their summer!

To utilize the abundant time masterfully: It is a fact universally known that children have very impressionable minds just waiting to get molded. Books, beyond doubt are the best sculptors. Summer breaks are usually transition phases from one grade to another. Reading story books at this time will enhance their existing pool of knowledge in terms of vocabulary, perspectives, exposure and even writing style with older kids. Their summer time reading will prepare them better for the next stage of learning that they will be entering into. Besides, what better way than books to keep the young-hearts out of mischief!

Tip: While renting books, make sure they offer one step more than what your child is used to reading so that there is a learning gradient. For example, the summer breaks would be the perfect time to move from picture books to short stories.

Because books are educational and fun: After a long school year, it makes sense for the kids to grimace and whine when you try to sit them down to study during the summer break. However, this problem is seldom faced with story books. This is because in spite of being educational, books are a lot of fun as it involves learning through stories. Renting out books for kids will ensure that they get their regular dosage of learning during the summer break and enjoy themselves at the same time! Story books are all about learning in the spirit of the vacation!

Now that you know how important it is to fill the summer breaks of your children with books, let’s move on to the best way to procure these worded treasures. Gift your child a membership at JustBooks! At JustBooks we have an entire Young Readers section filled to the brim with some wonderful age-appropriate children’s reads to keep your mischief makers occupied all summer. To know about our summer break recommendation for kids, click here.
Have a great summer!

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