6 reasons why paper books are the best!

The debate of paper books vs e-books seems to be a never ending discussion, but there are readers who vouch for paper books and will at no cost ever switch over to an e-book. Well, each one of us love paper books for a reason, here are 6 reasons, why paper books are the best.

  1. There is no replacement for the joy you feel as you browse through racks of books in a library or a bookstore.


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2. Ahh! the smell of books, old or new and how they put a smile on you everytime.


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3. The amazing feeling that washes over you as you cozy up with a paperback on a rainy day.ded9d12d72489763ca77aa5a511c561c.gif

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4. A companion in all your travel,a getaway as you wait for a friend who always turns up late.


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5. The pride you feel as you fill up your shelves or stack a set of library books on your coffee table.


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6. The sense of accomplishment you feel, as you turn the last page of the book to officially complete reading it.


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