6 Reasons Why Reading A Book Is Way Better Than A Kindle!

Article by: Sonal Rai

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Print books vs Kindle is an age-old debate and often you would have found people debating passionately on it. Kindle has its own convenience but it loses to print books when it comes to charm. Here are my six pointers on why I love and prefer print books over e-readers.

1. Personalised note on the book:


Every book that has been gifted to me by Papa, brother or friends has their name, date along with a personalized note for me. Every time I open a book and move my fingers on that ink, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling which makes me really happy. People can gift you e-books and kindle vouchers but it will never have that personal and thoughtful touch to it.

2.Books have jackets:


which means a quick glance and you know what others are reading. And I will confess here that I do judge people by books they read. You can’t find out easily what others are reading on their kindle and then decide whether you want to have a conversation with them or not. With printed books this task becomes simpler and a conversation around books is always fascinating. In a way print –books help build community of readers which a kindle can’t.

3.Involvement of multiple senses:


It is a well- known fact that your joy of an experience increases if multiple sense organs are involved in the act. All books feel the same on a Kindle and its just another screen for your eyes and hand. But when it comes to books, possibilities are endless. Glossy pages with colourful images, an old book that’s dog-eared, coarse and yellow pages, a new book with its soft white paper. Every book feels different and smells different and these multiple sensory experiences just heighten the pleasure of reading.

4.Easier to pick up from where you left off:


Often when you have read your favourite book multiple times, you know where to look for to re-read your favourite passage. Left or right side of the book, up or down the page and approximately how many pages into the book.

5.We already spend too much time with technology:

Overworked Businesswoman Working On Computer

We already spend so much of our time in front of our laptops and phone. Additional time spent on e-readers means high level of screen luminescence which our eyes are exposed to thus harming them and hampering sleep pattern as well. Print-books on other hand have no such issues. In fact they act as a very convenient eye-mask if you are too lazy to switch off the lights.

6.Print books & promote the culture of sharing:Kinder und Oma schauen ein Fotoalbum an

It is possible to share books on kindle but only with a certain number of people. I am yet to figure this one out actually. Books on other hand can be borrowed and shared (I must add a disclaimer here, that you need to be very picky when it comes to lending books) very easily. Books make for excellent family heirlooms. Imagine passing on a dated e-reader vs a book with your name to your grand kid and you will know what I mean.

Now that you are a convert, go ahead and enjoy a print book. You can buy or rent one from nearest JustBooks store near you. Happy reading!!

About the author:

Sonal Rai is a voracious reader as much as she loves to write and books make up her world! Not to mention, she’s a great conversationalist and a world traveller! Stay tuned for more such articles from her.

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  1. I read my first hardy boys in 1987 and have continued the habit of reading. After I discovered Just Books, I stopped buying books and just rent them … This month I bought a Kindle and read two books on Kindle … I have to agree with your points, reading a physical book is more fun. I would like to add – You dont have to charge a book! E.g. the Kindle blurbs say you dont have to charge the device for weeks, but there is a conditions-apply that says it assumes a 30 min usage per day!! How can u be book lover if you read just for 30 mins a day! I like my new Kindle too, but yes, the physical book is better!

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