Get To Know Avis Viswanathan Up Close And Also Get A Chance To Meet Him!


Avis Viswanathan an Inspired speaker, happiness curator, author and life coach once said “If You’re always racing to the next moment what happens to the one you’re in?” So let’s take this moment to know a little more about Avis Vishwanathan himself!

The 49 year old Individual and Organizational Transformation specialist has touched the lives of many by his inspiring life, book and talks about ‘change management’. The culture and leadership mandates led by Vishwanathan in the corporate sector globally are a boon to the organizational world. Avis is currently a Principal Consultant at V Initiatives, a specialist Consulting firm that inspires workplace happiness!

The book ‘Fall Like a Rose Petal’ is a letter from a father to his children (Aashirwad and Aanchal) and to all of us who need that little push to move on and ahead from tough times in life! Drawn from the author’s personal experience this book is interesting and at the same time touching!

This motivational book by Avis is an incredible journey of a family and how to survive at the time of penury, bankruptcy and constant nagging by creditors!


The author of ‘Fall like a Rose Petal’, blogs daily on how to be happy despite your current circumstances.

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If asked Avis always describes himself as

…a student who’s teacher is life!

…a coach who helps people think the right way and be better individuals by guiding them on Life and Work.

…a speaker who inspires happiness in all through his words of wisdom.

…an author who shares the lessons of life to those who pause to reflect.

…and lastly by profession a consultant!


Avis Viswanathan lives in Chennai, India. He along with his wife, soul-mate, businesses partner and best friend Vaani have travelled many rough roads of life, they’ve inspired millions by their struggle from bankruptcy and hopelessness to happiness and peace!


Avis believes that if things don’t work out the way we want them to, perhaps it’s the best to let go, and let everything just be, for everyone! At the toughest times of life, we often forget to let go and move on! Here’s where each of us need an Avis Viswanathan in our lives: to guide us and let us know that ‘Sometimes we can’t untangle a web until it’s master Weaver awakens’.

There’s also a great chance for everyone to meet Avis as he will speaking about his new book at our JustBooks Mysore store on February 4th from 4PM to 7PM. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, see you there!