7 Of The Best Romance Novels Of All Time! How Many Have You Read?


Love, laughter and a happily ever after! Who wouldn’t fall in love with a world like this? That’s exactly what most romance novels are all about! It’s no mystery how this genre has managed to convert several million non-readers to be book-lovers.

Below are listed 7 of the Best Romance Novels of all time:

1) Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase:

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A modern version of beauty and the beast, that keeps you captivated from the start to the end!
A clumsy hero, Sebastian Dain finds his perfect beauty in Jessica who instantly recognizes what Dain is like on the inside. Their courtship is sensual, delicious, witty and doesn’t shy away from difficult moments!

2) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen:

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This novel introduced me to the world of Romance and showed me how beautiful it is. There is a reason we still know this book 200 years later.

3) A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks:

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A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks is an unforgettable example of young love, the steps and choices one makes to keep another happy. Sparks has his way to make readers laugh and cry at the same time!

4) Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James:

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This book alone converted millions of people into readers. Widely interpreted as erotic fiction by critics this book is one of the most striking example of the obsessive, controlling hero falling for an otherwise Normal woman. The trilogy is one of the best Romance there is, which is why it has made its place as one of the Best Romance Novels .

5) I too had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh:

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The Indian author’s debut Novel in which he bares his love life for all to read. This heart touch story based on his real-life has love, humour and tragedy and is one of the best Romantic Novel of this generation.

6) Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas:

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In this story Lisa crafted one of the most memorable Hero ever, Derek Craven. His rough upbringing, his need for love and the resultant emotional fragility is the epitome of feelings which makes this book one of the Best.

7) Flowers in the Storm by Laura Kinsale:

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This New York Times bestseller tackles some very intricate and delicate subjects in a relationship. A book that includes devout Quaker, a brain-damaged Duke, mathematical genius and the vast incredible power if love.

If you haven’t yet read these books please do so immediately, you can even rent them here… Because Loving may hurt but reading makes you fall in love again!