Emotions Experienced While Reading A Book That You Probably Never Knew!


Books since time immemorial have fed the human soul with stories, myths, and legends. This age old tradition may have evolved a tad bit with all the kindles and other electronic wizardry but it still is just as exciting as it ever was. Why? Because the human soul needs stories. The kaleidoscope of emotions that a well crafted book can invoke in a reader is virtually limitless and infinitely beautiful.

But why do people pick up books? What emotions do they experience while they flip page after page?

To put it simply, we pick up books to escape the mundane trivialities of our lives. We escape into a world carefully constructed by the author, each minute detail a delicate piece carefully placed amongst a billion others allowing you to immerse yourself fully.

To put things into perspective, we pick up books for two main reasons:

  1. We wish to experience something without physically having to be there. In other words, through reading, readers desire to live vicariously.
  2. A book that we believe we can relate to.

The adrenaline rush a reader feels when a character is being stalked on a deserted street or understand what it feels like in the midst of a heated warzone without the readers actually being under threat themselves.

Or the pain and grief of heartbreak, the journey and joy of falling in love, a college tale or quite simply the genesis of a character through the passage of time strikes a familiar chord in every single readers heart as they expectedly flip through the pages.

Here are some of the emotions that one would feel while reading a book:

Admiration, Aggression, Amusement, Anger, Anticipation, Anxiety, Apathy, Apprehension, Approval, Awe, Beauty, Boredom, Charity, Cold, Confidence, Confusion, Contentment, Comfortable, Curiosity, Depression, Despair, Disappointment, Disapproval, Disgust, Dislike, Embarrassment, Empathy, Euphoria, Excitement, Failure, Fear, Frustration, Glory, Gratitude, Greed, Grief, Happiness, Hate, Honor, Hostility, Hunger, Identification, Indifference, Indignation, Inferiority, Irritation, Isolation, Jealousy, Joy, Kindness, Laughter, Laziness, Loneliness, Love, Lust, Madness, Misery, Nervousness, Optimism, Outrage, Pain, Power, Pride, Rage, Reassurance, Relief, Reluctance, Sadness, Satisfaction, Shock, Sorrow, Superiority, Surprise, Terror, Thirst, Thrills, Treachery, Truth, Ugliness, Vanity, Virtue, Warmth, Worry, Wrath, Xenophobia, Yearning, Zeal.


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But there is something extra that makes reading a book all the more memorable.

The writing.

Depending on the author’s ability to stitch words to form a cohesive plot and breathe life into his book, the magnitude of emotion would rise tremendously or sink rock bottom. And we can all agree that a well written book is and will always remain a work of art, immortalized in the annals of time. After all a book is not a bundle of pages, it’s a journey.