10 Weird Inspirations That Actually Inspired Authors To Write Best Sellers!

Authors, the masters of words, of inspiring our thoughts, perceptions and shaping us into the people we are. But what really makes them tick? What inspires them to write great works ?What causes the world to cut down loads of trees to use as printing materials to make its way onto your lap where a book comfortably lays as you read line by line with wonder, interest and a feeling of “what the hell is going to happen next?”. Apart from walking into your nearest library for inspiration, here are a few weird ones:

1. Dreams:

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A dream, well, that is all it took for the twilight series to be conceptualized. Stephanie Meyer had a vivid dream of a handsome, sparkly vampire boy confessing to a human girl that he loves her and finds it difficult to restrain himself from killing her. Fortunately or unfortunately she didn’t let this dream die and wrote the twilight saga which became the fastest book to sell a million copies!
2.After Dinner Thoughts:

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What is the first thing we do after a heavy dinner? Laze around? Well that is exactly what Leo Tolstoy did one night and he had a vision. At first, it was an elbow and extended into a sorrowful lady wearing a beautiful ball gown. After repeated hauntings from the lady the author decided to do something about it and wrote about her and hence we have ‘Anna Karenina’.

3.Driving to a family vacation:

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A family was happily reaching their holiday destination however, they never made it. While holding onto the wheel of the car an opening line to a book poped into the head of Gabriel García Márquez. With his writers block cured he spun the car right back around and rushed home to work on his new idea, thereby depriving his family of a vacation ironically penning the name of the book as “One hundred years of solitude”

4. While correcting exam papers:

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J.R.R Tolkien was busy correcting college exam papers and found a paper every teacher secretly wishes to have more of – a blank paper. The blank paper was soon left smeared with the first thought that crossed the authors mind and it was “In a whole in the ground there lived a hobbit”. He soon penned down ‘The Hobbit’ and it is an amazing read.

5. Advertisement:

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‘Around the world in 80 days’ flashed an advertisement in a newspaper, located in the hands of Jules Verne while he sat in a cafe perusing it. He liked the idea and named his book after it. The ad gave tourists the opportunity to travel the whole wide world in just 80 days and was a pretty good deal back then. This smart guy gave his readers a chance to travel the world at a cheaper price without moving a muscle for all those lazy couch potatoes (like me)
6. A walk in an orchard:

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Once upon a time there lived a pig who was in distress. But who on earth would take up the task of saving her? Who would be the hero she needs? Why, of course the answer is a spider! E.B White strolled through a park while thinking of distressed pig and remembered the spider who wove a beautiful, state of art, intricate web in his house. Who else would be better for the challenging role?

7. Pep talks:

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Henry Van Wart wanted to cheer up his brother in law, Washington Irving as he was suffering from a tragic case of writers block. He spoke to him, one brother-in-law to another about his childhood memories and adventures. In the midst of conversation he rushed to his room (like most of us rush to a bathroom when sick with diarrhea) and came out the next morning with a concept for a new novel he called- RIP Van Winkle.
8. Painting:

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Some read, some play, some travel, to pass the time but for Robert Louis Stevenson he decided to paint a map during a vacation to Scottish Highlands. When he finished his work he took a step back and admired his art work. Imagination took over and a fleet of pirates appeared on his work battling other clans and fighting for treasure. He picked up a quill and soon ‘Treasure Island’ was penned.
9. A farm

Image result for farmGeorge Orwell watched a horse cart walking through a path and a funny thought occurred to him. What would happen if animals realised the strength that they possess? What would they do? Well, they would conquer farms of course. These thoughts caused him to pen down- Animal Farm’. Well maybe this is why they say ignorance is bliss.

10. A train journey:

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The year was 1990 a single young mother with blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes boarded a train from Manchester to London. Fortunately it was as late as the time it takes for a pesky wisdom tooth to make its way out to freedom. This delay caused young Rowling to think; and boy did she think, because this was the inspirational birthplace of the thought of the famous Harry Potter series.


So what are you waiting for? Do the extraordinary, or the simple things in life. You never know which painting, delayed train, dream, car drive could change your life forever. So go out and explore this beautiful thing called life.