5 Erotic Books To Read While Waiting For The Next Installment Of 50 Shades!


Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you wouldn’t be able to ignore the overnight success that is the Fifty Shades series. EL James has managed to enthral us all with a tale considered taboo within our society. Erotica has never been more fascinating and though most of us have finished with the Fifty Shades trilogy, none can deny that it has left us with a lingering taste for more. So here’s a list of novels for everyone to sink their teeth into while waiting for EL James to whip up another erotic romance for us. You can also borrow all of the below books from your nearest JustBooks store.


The Siren – Tiffany Reisz

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Zach, an editor, is forced into working with Nora – a strange author who happens to be fiction-writer as well as his rival. The subject of Nora’s writing is somewhat different and out of his comfort zone. Zach wants nothing to do with her until he begins reading her erotic novels and is hooked. However, Nora’s latest novel is different compared to her usual work because it’s based on her personal experiences. The Siren is shocking and taboo at times, as it goes through describing Nora’s encounters with several men – not just Zach – which makes for some really steamy reading.


Knight’s Mistress – CC Gibbs

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CC Gibbs’s starts of the series of All or Nothing with Knight’s Mistress, introducing 32-year-old self-made billionaire Dominic Knight. When Kate is offered a job at Knight Enterprises, she is delighted with the opportunity until she meets the CEO with an infamous temper, Dominic himself. Incredibly charming when he wants to be, Dominic is used to getting what he wants; but once he’s won her, will Kate be able to escape? With erotic love scenes that spell out like poetry and an unpredictable plot with twists in every chapter, CC Gibbs has given us the new alpha male.


Backstage Pass – Olivia Cunning

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The Sinners on Tour series is similar to Fifty Shades on the erotic front but in the first book we find that the male protagonist, Brian Sinclair, is not our regular male chauvinist. Instead, he’s a hopeless romantic, who is heartbroken. Brian who is also the lead singer of the Sinners, a famous bad-boy rock band, meets Myria, a psychologist specializing in human sexuality, at a conference. However, it’s not just Brian who falls for her; the other members of the band try to seduce her, too. Myria becomes Brian’s muse soon enough, which takes the whole band to new levels of glory.


Glimmer – Beth Kery

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The latest by Beth Kery, Glimmer is full of twists and turns that will leave you wanting more. Alice has just graduated this year and therefore it comes as a surprise when she is offered a job at the prestigious Durand Inc. by billionaire CEO Dylan Fall. But he sees something in her during the interview: “You’re a goddess disguised as a bad-girl math geek,” he declares. And the mysterious sexual tension is carried forward. However, Alice senses a secret or two lurking in Dylan’s past… will she find out what they are? Be prepared to be captivated, seduced, and unable to put the book down without finishing it in one go.


The Submissive – Tara Sue Me

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The first installment of the Submissive trilogy introduces Abby King – a young woman with an erotic, secret fantasy. Abby’s life as a librarian certainly isn’t fulfilling her needs, so she hands herself to Nathaniel, a handsome, dominant CEO, to meet her other desires. She fully submits to Nathaniel’s terms and yet he always remains distant and cold. Will she ever win his heart as well as his body, or will she have to walk away in the end with a broken heart? A very addictive book full of passion and desire!


After the enormous success of the Fifty Shades trilogy, the genre of erotica has been ever-expanding. These are just a few names from the many that have risen that can bring out your wild side while you’re on the lookout for satisfying the need for ‘more’. image for the best of erotica books!