Summer Camp at JustBooks Thane By Sunita Saldhana Is A Golden Opportunity For Your Kids, Click Here To Find Out Why:

Summer is here, school is finally done, this lovely season is the time for kids to play all day and have lots of fun. Wow indeed! Longer days lesser work, everything is amazing! All the scantimonious school studies and horrifying homework assignment is replaced with extra time to sleep and delicious mouthwatering summer delicacies along with plenty of ice-cream to munch on.


Yet as parents most of us are faced with the challenge of helping our children make the most of their summer vacation. Keeping kids occupied all day is one of the many tasks we have to deal with every summer, and most importantly how to help them utilize their time in a more productive manner than watching mindless television or playing games on the computer?”


I personally feel that the holidays are a great time to get the kids to do all that they don’t have the time to do during school days: creative stuff, having fun, learning life skills, reading, learning to be the best version of themselves!


In today’s scenario, most kids only “study” during school days, there is little time for actual “learning” with long school hours, home work, tuitions and tuition home work. If thought upon, how much does all this really help our kids in the long run?


It is important that our children learn the much required life skills, cognitive skills and values in a joyful manner. Simple acts like Fun reading and exploration help them increase knowledge, such habits can be developed only during summer when they have time to do so and we have time to guide them! Imbibing hobbies like drama and writing will go a great deal in building their personality so that they can express themselves better and stand their ground in this competitive world!


What better time for this than the vacations?


So at “Expressions” our two-week summer camp for this year, we cover Creative Writing, Life Skilks, Speech and Drama for children in the age group 7 to 14.


This workshop will be conducted by Sunita Saldhana a published poet and writer, also a ‘retired mom’. Writing since the young age of 13, she has worked as a corporate trainer and now conducts various courses for kids on developing reading skills, creative writing, speaking with confidence and other Life Skills.


Ms Saldhana absolutely loves being a woman with all of its myriad facets. Her book, “Who shall I be today?” is a celebration of the joy of being a woman, even in pain and frustration. Check out some photos taken at the camp:


The duration of the camp will be two hours each day from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

The sessions will cover Grammar and creative writing, speech and Drama and Life Skills.

Grammar and creative writing consists of reading, talking about what we have read, vocabulary development, grammar for practical writing and exercises in creative writing like stories, poems, essays, book reviews etc.

The speech and drama will help them with voice modulation, emoting,developing confidence in front of an audience, thinking on their feet, body language etc.

The life skills programme covers self confidence, communication skills, being assertive, friendship, responsibility, prioritising activities etc


The timings will be as follows:

11 am to 1 pm for the age group 7 to 10

2 pm to 4 pm for the age group 11to 14

Fees for the camp are Rs.5000/- per student.


You can follow Sunita’s writings on and on


There are two batches coming up


May 2nd to May 13th
May 16th to May 27th


Don’t miss this golden opportunity, check out the poster below for more information!