6 Books With The Most Unexpected Endings (Spoiler Alert) !

It has been rightly said by Stephen King that good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. This stands true for so many books. You think you know what is going to happen but then a twist greets you at the end and changes the entire story.

So here are six books that have the most surprising endings which will surely make you run to your nearest library:



1) Gone Girl:

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This is one book that has to be in the list. The story starts with a twist when one of the main characters goes missing. It keeps you guessing the entire time with interesting changes of events. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out at the end you’re proved wrong. You expect Nick to expose Amy’s lies and deceptions with his memoir but that clearly does not happen since he is forced to stay with her, a woman he can no longer trust. It is a little surprising that the evil wins at the end.


2) Life of Pi:

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The entire idea of the main character, Pi, being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a tiger is itself very surprising. But as you read further you start accepting the idea and just when you start falling in love with this idea and marveling at the author’s imagination, an second story is presented to you. When the journalists refuse to believe Pi he presents another story to them where he replaces the animals with his mother, the sailor, and the cook and asks them to believe any one of them. The journalists then believe the one with the animals drawing parallels between the two stories. The entire image you created of the first story is broken with the second story and you are lest wondering about what exactly happened.


3) Looking for Alaska:

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The story takes us through the main character, Miles Halter’s life at high school and his friendship with the beautiful but emotionally damaged Alaska Young. Throughout the story you want them to get together and finally when it seems to happen, Alaska dies in a car crash. The story takes an interesting turn when everyone is trying to think of the reason for her death. At the end Miles realizes that she died on the morning after her mother’s death anniversary and hence concludes that she might have have been in a hurry to visit her mother’s grave or might have committed suicide.


4) The Kite Runner:

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The story about the friendship between a rich boy Amir and a hazara boy Hassan takes an ugly turn when Amir chooses to not intervene to save Hassan from a brutal act of violence. You start hating him for this. However in the end, after almost twenty years, when he goes back to Afghanistan and decides to save is late friend Hassan’s son, Sohrab, you start developing a soft corner for him. At the very end of the story you see a complete transformation of his character when he adopts Sohrab. This turns out to be a pleasant surprise ending.


5) Fight Club:

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A lot of things in the story are a mystery, from the main character’s identity to the company he works for, and to the man who creates the fight club, which later turns into a destructive project, with him. The plot gets all the more gripping when the true identity of the mystery man is revealed. At the end after the narrator shoots himself you obviously expect him to die but instead he wakes up in a hospital and is greeted by the hospital staff who turn out to be members of the project. The ending leaves you wanting for more and keeps you guessing about what exactly happened.


6) We Were Liars:

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The story of Cadence Sinclair takes an ugly turn when a series of disastrous events takes place at her grandparents’ place on an island after which she loses her memory of those events. While she thinks that it is her cousins who were at fault she gradually uncovers the truth of the incidents and realizes that she is the one to be blamed for what happened. You also discover the true identity of her cousins who are the “liars” at the end which gives you clarity about what and how everything happened.


So if you are someone who does not wish to read regular stories these books definitely have to be on your list. You can also order these books here.


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