15 Essential Library Etiquette’s For The Everyday Reader!

The library, like other public places, attracts a lot of crowd during the day and hence it is important to maintain etiquette and discipline within its confines although we generally overlook this fact. It is manner of respect to the other readers present there as well as the books themselves.

Below are a few rules to be followed in the library:


  • As the library is a place where maintaining silence is the number one rule, it would go without saying that one should not talk in the library or make use of cell phones. Any calls should be taken outside. Put your cell phone on silent when you enter the library.


  • The books inside the library belong to the library, so do not remove them without signing them out and registering yourself at the library.


  • If you are using books from the library, place them back on the same shelves you picked them up from before you leave instead of leaving them on the table.


  • If you are borrowing a book from the library, return it on time, or make sure it is not reserved and someone is waiting for it before you re-issue it.


  • Take care of books you borrow. Do not write in them or dirty them with coffee or food.


  • Refrain from bringing eatables of any kind into the library so as to prevent stains on the books and a mess in general.


  • Do not move tables and chairs to form a group. Kindly use the area designated for such purposes.


  • Do not sit on a table or read loudly disturbing others around you.


  • If you are sitting alone at a table, take care to leave space for others and keep your books and notebooks close to you instead of spreading them out.


  • Do not leave loose papers or drafts of work or photocopies that you do not need lying around in the library. Dispose of them in the recycling bin before you leave.


  • Always address the librarian politely and with respect.


  • Behave properly, no public displays of affection.


  • If you are using headphones make sure no else can hear what you are listening to.


  • While using library photocopies or computers, treat them as if they were your own and do not damage them in any way.


  • Pay your late fees in case you forget to return a book on time and make sure the book is returned in the same condition it was in when it was borrowed.


Following rules and proper library etiquette is imperative in order to maintain order and decent behavior inside the library. If a person does not abide by library etiquette, he or she may be reprimanded by a librarian or library staff member or may even be asked to leave the library premises. Library etiquette is required to uphold a genial conducive environment for research and study or leisure reading for all.


Now that you’re all set, click here to visit your nearest library!



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